Reinventing Polymers

We transform polymers into super polymers. Our technology generates new and improved polymer properties that will impact many industries such as coating, paint, displays, optics, electronics, micro and nano electronics, sensors, medical, cables and many more.

Super Polymer is a startup company that develops pure fully crystalline polymers, addressing a $200B marketplace.  Our technology improves a wide variety of products that we use, reduces ecological footprint, and removes health hazards.

At the end of the day, we make people's lives better.

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Special Properties

in liquids

Stable suspension in water and oil phases, no surfactants required

Unique structure

The outstanding morphology of the polymer’s pure crystals carries many merits

Super Hydrophobic

Thin layer coating of SP's particles have a contact angle of 155° and sliding angle of 3°

Dry particles repulsion

Free dry particles would not adhere or attached to a surface containing SP’s particles

Perfect light scattering

SP-HDPE has a refractive index of 1.96 comparing to Raw HDPE that has a refractive index of 1.52

High dielectric constant

Calculated dielectric constant of 3.85 comparing to Raw HDPE that has a dielectric constant of 2.3



Raw material

Using commercial grade polymers


Our unique crystalline structure

Forming a unique crystalline structure by applying our process


The final product

We get Super Polymers


Could be supplied as a powder, emulsion, additive or thin layer coating – upon request

Contact us for samples



We are confronting a well-known phenomenon in the Polymers world - Crystalline-capable polymers are always only partially crystalline. The rest is amorphous phase which is inherently present in every polymer and many times limits and even degrades the physical properties of the material. Extensive R&D by industry and academy over decades came up short - just until recently.

It is only at high crystallinity levels that polymers exhibit improved physical properties and new properties are revealed. A wide range of exciting possibilities opens up for the first time.


Temp. Gradient

Post Treatment

Industrial process | No Polymer synthesis | Halogen free | Patent pending


For the first time - HDPE processed in our new technology - no trace of amorphous phase. No other known industrial process could produce this level of crystallinity and purity.


Our Team


Hagai Ortner 

CEO and Co-founder

25 Years of Management and startups development


Atzmon Amitai 

CTO and Co-founder

35 Years as a product growth expert in the Chemicals industry


Evgeniy Mervinetsky, Ph.D

Head of R&D

12 Years of polymers research experience

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Prof. Gad Marom

Scientific Advisor

Professor of Applied Chemistry The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Our investor


Our supporting eco system

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77th Energy St., Advanced Technology Park, Beer-Sheva 8470912, Israel